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Selected research projects:

Multitouch Radial Menu presented at AVI 2016 survey of visualizations of financial data, published 2014

Generalized Plot Matrix (GPLOM) is a way of visualizing multidimensional multivariate data, published 2013. (Some really nice follow-up work by others: Domino by Gratzl et al., 2014.)

Analysis of the Space-Efficiency of Visualizations of Trees, published 2010. (Related work on tree visualization by others that I really admire: and Schulz et al. 2013 (JavaScript demo))

A hotbox (popup widget) for interacting with a graph visualization; won an Honorable Mention at IEEE InfoVis 2009

NodeTrix, a hybrid graph visualization that combines node-link diagrams with adjacency matrices, published 2007. (Very relevant follow-up work on hybrid visualizations by others: Javed and Elmqvist, 2012)

Elastic Hierarchies, a hybrid tree visualization that combines node-link diagrams with treemaps, published 2005

Visualizing genealogies, published 2005. (Really nice follow-up work by others: GeneaQuilts)

Visualizing volumetric data, published 2003. (If you're interested in more recent related work, especially with nicer rendering, check out work by Carlos Correa and the book Real-Time Volume Graphics by Engel et al.)

For profs and instructors:

Course slides on HCI topics that I've translated to English (updated 2015)

Slides on information visualization (updated 2015); and a few figures illustrating concepts in visualization (updated 2012)

An online collection of dozens of videos related to HCI, maintained by Nicolas Roussel:

For programmers:

A tutorial on algorithms for visualizing graphs / networks. Check out the follow-up notes written after the article was published.

JWinPointer.jar is a Java library for multitouch and stylus pen input events on Microsoft Windows 10

Notes for programmers on reading raw input events over USB from a Wacom Cintiq 24HD touch on Linux using C++ or Java, or on MS Windows 7 using Java (updated 2014).

For anyone interested in science:

Turning a sphere inside out

The most interesting videos I've seen on youtube

An incomplete list of the most interesting things I've learned in my life